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In May of 2014, I founded Cordello Law PLLC to focus on labor and employment litigation on behalf of employees throughout the Rochester, New York area. Since that time, my law firm has been instrumental in obtaining significant financial recoveries for clients through the litigation and negotiation of employments disputes.

Solid Foundation From New York Law School

Juris Doctor (JD), New York Law School 2002

I received my Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School (NYLS). NYLS was founded in 1891 and is one of the oldest independent law schools in the country. 

NYLS has also been named a top school by preLaw magazine in family law, business law, human rights, criminal law, tax, IP, alternative dispute resolution, trial advocacy and litigation. Its other popular programs include real estate, fashion, international law, and financial services law, among others.

Female Employee packing her things because she is fired.

My Approach to working with clients

When you come to me with an employment law issue, I understand that it can be a difficult and stressful time for you. That’s why I create a safe and confidential space for you to openly discuss your concerns with me. With over 20 years of experience as an employment law specialist, there is practically nothing I haven’t seen before, so I can offer you the best guidance possible. Unlike at other law firms where you may be passed off to paralegals or secretaries, you’ll work directly with me. I will listen carefully to your concerns and use my experience to provide you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions about your legal options. Together, we’ll work to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

hear from my clients


great advice in a difficult situation

Justin gave me great advice in a difficult situation. He was very down to earth and didn't sugar coat things (which is just what I needed). He helped me make decisions based on the facts instead of emotions. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal help in the future.


professional, knowledgeable and compassionate

Mr. Cordello was very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate about my employment situation. He very promptly told me his plan of action and goals for our one hour meeting. He proceeded to meet all of those goals. Mr. Cordello also gave me time to ask any questions I may have. He exceeded all of my expectations as a lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an employment lawyer.


my experience was exceptional

I recently engaged Justin and my experience was exceptional. He responded to me within an hour of my initial email and I was able to meet with him within 2 business days. Fees are reasonable, but most of all, Justin listens, really listens and he arrived to our meeting completely prepared by reviewing all the background available. Justin provide solid legal advice and delivered it professionally and in a personable way. I highly recommend Justin for labor matters.

Admission to practice

a licensed employment attorney in the state of New york

A Case History I'm Proud to Stand Behind

A Proven Track Record Across the Spectrum of Employment Law Cases

Throughout my career, I have successfully handled a wide variety of employment cases, and below are some of the more notable class action cases that highlight my expertise in advocating for employee rights and seeking justice on a larger scale.
  • Mathis v. Cobblestone Creek Country Club, Inc. (N.Y. Monroe Cty.) (class action filed on behalf of banquet service employees alleging they were improperly denied gratuities);
  • Arnold v. New York Beer Project, LLC (N.Y. Monroe Cty.) (same)
  • Mashewske v. Glenora Wine Cellars, Inc., 17-0253 (N.Y. Yates Cty.)(class action filed on behalf of banquet service employees alleging they were improperly denied gratuities);
  • Folts v. Esperanza Mgt. LLC., 16-0115 (N.Y. Yates Cty.)(same);
  • Mros v. Irondequoit County Club, Inc., 16-11252 (N.Y. Monroe Cty.) (class action filed on behalf of banquet service employees alleging they were improperly denied gratuities);
  • Dowd v. 6675 Transit Rd LLC, 16-cv-01006 (W.D.N.Y.) (class and collective action filed on behalf of hospitality employees alleging violations of minimum wage laws, uniform expense and maintenance and tip credit regulations);
  • Hinckley v. Seagate Hospitality Group, LLC, 16-cv-6118 (W.D.N.Y) (class and collective action filed on behalf banquet service employees alleging violations of overtime and minimum wage laws based in part on improper retention of gratuities);
  • Hardgers-Powell v. Angels In Your Home LLC, 16-cv-6612 (W.D.N.Y.)(class and collective action alleging violations of federal and state overtime laws on behalf of home healthcare workers);

See my full case history here…

expertise in All aspects of employment law

At Cordello Law, I provide comprehensive legal services to protect employees’ rights in the workplace. My services include wrongful termination, workplace harassment and retaliation, employment and disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, unsafe work environment, family medical leave issues, wage disputes, severance agreements, and union and labor protections.

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Disclaimer: I advise against using your employer's computers and email accounts when communicating with me. Email communication with me may not be protected by the attorney-client privilege