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If you believe that your workplace rights have been violated or are uncertain about your rights, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a confidential consultation. 


What to expect when working with Cordello Law

1. Initial Assessment

Send me an email describing your situation so that I can determine the basics of your employment situation, what information and materials you should gather, and I can schedule a consultation to review in more detail and determine your best course of action.

2. Preparation for Meeting

Prior to our consultation, collect any relevant documents and materials, such as your most recent pay stub, applicable company policies, and related work communications to share with me when we meet.

3. Virtual Meeting

Most online meetings last approximately one hour. During this time I'll review in detail the facts and circumstances of your employment situation, provide you with an overview of New York and Federal Employment Laws, identify if you have any legal claims, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these legal claims, and determine the best strategies to achieve your workplace goals.

4. Your Next Steps

What comes next is up to you. After our consultation, you will be in a situation to determine if you want to retain further legal representation to represent you in respect to your employment or workplace issues.

Let me assess your case!

Let me know the basic facts about your workplace situation. I’ll personally review your message and we can then schedule a 100% confidential consultation. 

Alternatively, text, email or call me during regular business hours.  

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