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Google Reviews of Our Employment Law Services

My commitment to my clients’ cases is reflected in their reviews: 

Name of Reviewer: Naomi Johnson
“Had a productive 45min consultation. Made me feel comfortable in discussing my current situations & offered helpful/reassuring advice.”



Name of Reviewer: Ashley Mathis

“Justin was amazing! From beginning to end, he was extremely helpful. He was transparent with every aspect of our case. He answered our emails and calls on time. He explained every aspect of our case and walked us through each step.”



Name of Reviewer: Thomas Glossner

“Very satisfied. Cast away the stereotypes. I got the answers I needed without breaking the bank. Friendly and helpful legal advice.”



Name of Reviewer: Phil Dotson

“Justin was fantastic! I was recommended to Cordello Law by another local attorney and couldn’t have been more pleased. He listened and then came back with a great game plan on how to move forward. I would recommend Cordello Law to anyone looking for results!”



Name of Reviewer: Mena Tawadros

“Justin was always responsive and took care of everything in a very professional and courteous manor. He understands your frustrations and does what he can. He filed my I-130 with no set backs. Thank you sir!”


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Facebook Reviews of Our Employment Law Services

My commitment to my clients’ cases is reflected in their reviews: 

Name of Reviewer: Michael Bloom

“Justin is a pro! I would trust no one else with my legal needs! Do not hesitate.”


Name of Reviewer: Amy Elizabeth Goldberg

“Like a breath of fresh air! What sets Justin apart: A fine legal mind- processed the facts of my exceedingly complex case, and deftly distilled it down to something workable. An eye on the big picture- I’d overlooked the obvious…it hadn’t occurred to me that ‘no action’ was a viable plan. How many lawyers would have pointed that out and risk less profit? If you need a lawyer who’s focused on finding the best legal solution for YOU, look no further.”


Name of Reviewer: Danielle Oms

“Justin was referred to me by another attorney. I was very happy with Justin’s service, knowledge, assistance, and response time to questions. He was a great listener but also great at being interactive with me.”


Name of Reviewer: Russell Dack

“I was very impressed with Justin and the level of professionalism he demonstrated in our meeting. His legal knowledge of employee rights was obvious and he presented my options very clearly. I would recommend Justin to anyone seeking legal advice.”


Name of Reviewer: Steve Drury

“Friendly, Knowledgeable and very helpful.”


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