Unpaid Service Charge Class Action Victory: Upholding Hospitality Workers' Rights in Event Venues with Attorney Justin M. Cordello - A Detailed Analysis


In several recent class actions lawsuits against private event establishments such as banquet houses and wedding venues, former servers, bartenders and bussers represented by attorney Justin M. Cordello, filed successful lawsuits alleging that these establishments had added a mandatory 20 percent service charge to customers’ bills without distributing the service charge to the staff that worked the event. The hospitality employees’ claims sought the 20 percent service charge to be distributed to the employees working the event and class action status.

Key Questions from Plaintiff:

  • Why did the service charges added to customers’ bills at these private event establishments fail to reach the hospitality employees?
  • What actions did these private event establishments take to communicate the nature of the service charges to customers?
  • How many other servers, bartenders and bussers at these private event establishments failed to receive the 20 percent service charge added to the customer’s bill?


Through diligent legal representation by Justin M. Cordello, the cases against the private event establishments resulted in favorable outcomes for the affected hospitality employees. The courts have recognized employees’ right to fair compensation for the service charges and awarded them significant damages. These cases shed light on the importance of upholding employee rights in the hospitality industry and set a precedent for fair treatment of hospitality employees in similar venues.


Hundreds of

Participants in the civil case

6-36 Months

Range of length of cases

$Hundreds of Thousands in Unpaid Service Charges

Compensation recovered

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