Battling Gender Discrimination at Work: Upholding Employee Rights with Attorney Justin M. Cordello in New York - A Definitive Case Study


Employees who believe they are being discriminated at work based on their gender may have a claim under New York State Human Rights Law. Recently, Cordello Law helped a client working as a teacher at a local public school obtain a probable cause determination from the New York State Division of Human Rights. This client was terminated and not hired for permanent teaching position even though he had an unblemished personnel record while teachers of the opposite genders were not terminated and offered permanent teaching positions.

Key Questions from Plaintiff:

  • How can an employee move forward with claim of gender discrimination?
  • What types of damages are awarded to victims of gender discrimination?
  • Why do employers discriminate against employees based on their gender?


Legal representation by attorney Justin M. Cordello, helps employees in New York to hold their employers accountable for retaliation when they blow the whistle on their employer’s activities that they reasonably believe place the public in danger or violate rules and regulation. Navigating the intricacies of New York’s whistle blower protection law is not obvious and employees will be served well working with an attorney that specializes in retaliation laws in New York.

All New York Employees

Who the law applies to


When the law was strengthened to protect employees

$Hundreds of Thousands in Unpaid Wage & Benefits

Compensation recoverable under the law

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