Unpaid Tips & Gratuity Lawsuit Victory: How Hospitality Workers Fought for Their Rights with Attorney Justin M. Cordello - A Case Study


In a recent lawsuit against a popular local restaurant former servers, bartenders and bussers represented by attorney Justin M. Cordello, filed a civil suit alleging the restaurant failed to distribute customers’ credit card tips to the hospitality employees.

Key Questions from Plaintiff:

  • Why did customers’ credit card tips at this restaurant fail to reach the hospitality employees?
  • How can hospitality employees seek their unpaid tips and gratuities?
  • Will hospitality employees be retaliated against by their employer if they seek their unpaid tips and gratuities?


Through skilled legal representation by Justin M. Cordello, the case against this local restaurant resulted in a favorable outcome for the hospitality employees. The courts have recognized hospitality employees’ right to tips and routinely award significant damages. These cases shed light on the importance of upholding employee rights in the hospitality industry and sets a precedent for fair treatment of hospitality employees in similar venues.

3 Employees 

Participants in the civil case

6 Months

Length of case

Over One Hundred Thousand in Unpaid Tips & Gratuities

Compensation recovered

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